Zwackerz rules

ZwackerZ Paintball

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Safety Rules
1.  All players MUST be wearing Goggles/Face Masks prior to entering playing areas or the chronograph area.
    a.  Players will be given 1 (one) warning for violating the face protection rule.  Players will be ejected on the second infraction.
2.  All players MUST put in place Barrel Socks prior to exiting playing areas or the chronograph area.
3.  Each player MUST have their paintball marker chronographed prior to each game.  Paintball markers may not exceed 280 feet per second for outdoor games or 230 feet per second for indoor games.
4.  No shooting paintballs outside the designated areas.
5.  Players MAY NOT fill their own HPA tanks.
6.  Prior to participation in games, each player must go through the safety briefing.

In Regard to the Referees
1.  Referees' calls are final.
2.  Talking back to referees will not be tolerated.
3.  Disputes with a call made by your referee should be taken up with the head referee.
4.  Do not shoot the referees.
5.  If a referee is in your line of fire, ask them to move.
6.  Do not use referees for cover.

Paint Checks
1.  Call paint check to get a referee to check you for paint hits.  Do not waste other players' time with obviously unnecessary paint checks.
2.  Players being checked for paint hits by a referee are neutral.  Do not shoot neutral players.
3.  If you call "Out", you are out.  If you are in doubt, call "Paint Check" first.

General Rules
2.  No discharging paintball markers outside the designated shooting areas.
3.  No shooting at people not wearing protective equipment.
4.  No carrying or moving the bunkers or field parts.
5.  No hiding in or drinking from the livestock watering trough.
6.  No wiping off paint hits while still on the field.
7.  No talking while exiting the field (no advising teammates, no taunting, etc.)
8.  No coaching from the sidelines.
9.  No foul language.
10.  Offer your opponent the opportunity to surrender if you are within 20 ft. (outdoors)
11.  Once eliminated, raise your gun and arm over your head and move quickly toward the exit.
12.  Exit the field as quickly and quietly as possible.
13.  Put on Barrel Sock prior to exiting the field.